International Journal of Systematic Innovation, Vol 4, No 4 (2017)

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Resource Identification Method Based on Demand-Supply Thought Provoking Questions for Problem Solving

Daniel Sheu, Jealousy Hong


The concept of resources in the TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) is that the problem solver is to make the most use of existing free resources to solve problems with zero or near zero cost. Even though resources are one of the most powerful concepts in the TRIZ tools, there have been few systematic methods to identify resources for problem solving.

This paper proposes a couple of systematic resource identification methods using Function-Effect-Resource Checking with Thought-provoking Questions to locate available resources to solve a problem. These resource identification methods can be used to save costs while solving problems. Using the resource identification methods, a vacuum device mechanism was developed to solve wafer breakage problem in Chemical-mechanical polisher. The resource identification method can also be incorporated into any problem-solving approach to solve problems with minimum costs.

The contributions of this paper include: 1) Providing a couple of systematic resource identification methods to solve problem with minimum added costs, 2) Solving a wafer breakage problem in chemical-mechanical polishing process using the proposed resource-based problem-solving method with substantial cost savings to a company.

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