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International Journal of Systematic Innovation


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Call for papers

"Systematic Innovation"

is a set of  knowledge/tools/methods which can enable systematic development of innovative problem solving and/or opportunity identification. The International Journal of Systematic Innovation (IJoSI) is a journal administered by the Society of systematic Innovation. IJoSI is a peer reviewed, Open Access online journal which publishes original research articles, reviews, and case studies in all areas of related to Systematic Innovation. Topics of interests include:

Systematic Product/Process/Service Innovation: Strategic & Business Aspects

1.     Identification of Opportunities, Issues, and Unmet Needs in Product, Process, and Service Innovation.
2.     Innovative Business Models for Product/Process/Service System Design.
3.     Systematic Innovative Strategies or Tools for Product-to-Service Transformation, Service Business, Organizations, Cultures, and Trends.
4.     E-enabling and Infotronics Technologies for Service Business Design.

Systematic Product/Process/Service Innovation: Qualitative/Quantitative
Technical Aspects

5.     TRIZ-based systematic innovation:
a.     Development of TRIZ-based theories and tools.
b.     TRIZ-based opportunity identification and problem solving applications
6.     Non-TRIZ based systematic Innovation
a.     Nature or bio-inspired Tools for Systematic Innovation
b.     Theories & Applications of Systematic Innovative Product/Process/System Designs
c.     Theories / Applications in Lateral Thinking / Vertical Thinking / 6 Thinking Hats/ Neural Linguistic Programming, related to Systematic Innovation.
d.     Supporting Tools for Systematic Innovation Processes (ex. Dominant Innovation Tools and Techniques, Axiomatic Design, VA/VE, 6 Sigma, QFD, Patent Management, etc.)
e.     Theories, knowledge, or techniques that can be integrated with Systematic Innovation.

Theories and applications for education/training of systematic innovation.

Other new tools, theories, and applications related to systematic innovation.

You are cordially invited to submit your full papers to IJoSI electronically through the journal website: http://www.IJoSI.org. The IJoSI strives to maintain an efficient electronic submission, review and publication process. The emphasis will be on publishing quality articles rapidly and freely available to researchers worldwide. Hard copy journal may follow electronic publication in a few months. Quarterly publication is expected. For Journal format, please download templates from the web site.

We would also appreciate it if you could help forward this Call for Papers to those who might be interested. We apologize if you received multiple copies of this announcement.

Editor in Chief : Professor D. Daniel Sheu, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Executive Editor: Professor C. Jay Huang, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan