The integration of Ergonomics Ergo-System Framework (EESF) with the product design process

in the innovation ergonomic seating support for scoliosis patients


  • Muhammad Jameel Mohamed Kamil
  • Nazratul Nadiah Samsuddin
  • Mohd Najib Abdullah Sani



Ergonomics Ergo-System Framework, Design Thinking, Scoliosis, Ergonomic, Product Design


Several research in medical science have revealed that individuals who have scoliosis experience discomfort while sitting upright, leading to symptoms like leg pain, back pain, and claudication. These symptoms can limit their ability to perform certain tasks in the office. Thus, this paper utilized Ergonomics Ergo-System Framework (EESF) to design the innovative ergonomic seating support for scoliosis patients. Through the interview study conducted with a rehabilitation specialist, a physiotherapy expert, and three scoliosis patients in Malaysia, the EESF was integrated to identify patients design issues and needs. The result of solution components and design criteria obtained from the interview study highlights the parameter for the development of the ergonomic seating support. The decision of innovative design of the ergonomic seating support incorporated the modular seating concept for office use, visually aesthetic with emotional design elements, and equipped with adjustable spinal support. To develop the semi-working ergonomic seating supporter concept model for future production, a design process was executed. It is hoped that the outcome of this study will contribute to demonstrate how the EESF can be utilized, integrated with the innovative product design process, and benefit the scoliosis patients.