Systematic Innovation for the Retention and Development of Human Talent


  • Jay Chien-Yi HUANG National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan
  • Ricardo B. Abrego National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan



In order to build and sustain competitive advantage, the knowledge that a workforce possesses has become an important tactical resource. This perspective means staff retention has become part of any organization’s main objectives. Numerous studies have defined management of human talent and organizational performance of this talent. The motivation for this study was to create an inventive solution through systematic innovation of human talent in the beverage industry of El Salvador. In this study, we use systematic innovation to solve retention and development of human talent issues. The guide which is introduced in this thesis may serve as a useful methodology for solving intangible human talent issues. Our findings show that even though systematic innovation has only recently begun to be used to solve business management issues it can still be used to generate ideas or specific solutions on how to solve issues related to retention and development of human talent. The specific solution given by the inventive principles is the creation of an incentive system that can be flexible, by covering not only one product but by adapting to different situations and to many different products.


Keywords: human talent, incentive system, TRIZ, systematic innovation