‘Breaking the Silos’ of Innovation Methods


  • Shreyas Bakshi




After having dealt with silos amongst people, we have found ways of creating silos amongst innovation methods. Each method claims to be ‘the master’ method for innovation and each new one claims to be superior to the previous ones. Many organisations that leverage multiple methods tend to do so by applying each one in specific stages of a project. While working with multiple methods in different roles of innovation, the author realises that many methods say the same thing in different words and have something unique to offer across different stages of an innovation project. With this realisation, the author has led a team of innovation managers to evolve a harmonised method which can be contextualised in diverse set of contexts. The attempt of this paper / article is to share an overview of the harmonised method, some of its key outcomes and ways in which the method became a pivot for institutionalising innovation culture across an already innovative Group of companies which is a multi-billion-dollar Indian MNC that operates in about 17 sectors in about 100 countries. For confidentiality, only sanitized data are presented in this paper.