- Managing change towards Industry 4.0

How organizations design and implement Industry 4.0 projects


  • Jacopo Farina
  • Jacopo Fontana




Purpose – The paper aims to examine how best or new practices of Change Management influence the implementation of Industry 4.0 paradigm.

Design/methodology/approach Due to the novelty of the phenomenon and to the deep investigation required to grasp the relationship between Change Management in industrial contexts, a multiple case study analysis has been performed: Industry 4.0 projects of five different companies operating in the North of Italy have been considered. In addition, an expert consultant has been interviewed and insights have been integrated to validate assumptions and results coming from the case studies.

Findings – The authors provide detailed empirical evidence on the connection and use of some CM practices throughout the implementation of I4.0. Moreover, the study finds out some managerial implications that could facilitate adoption of this paradigm such as: project governance, role of HR function, enabling factors and resistances management.

Originality/value – This study puts light on how CM practices can influence the outcome of I4.0 implementation bringing real-world observations with a clear framework connecting the two fields, as few studies have done before.

Paper Type – Research paper





Special Issue 2021: Management innovation