Product design and development of integrated tea making device


  • Shu-Fei Yu
  • Yu-Gang Chen
  • Keying Wang



structural design, product design, TRIZ, tea set


Tea-drinking culture has prevailed for many years, and the traditional tea-making process is exquisite and preparation is cumbersome. In addition to users having relevant tea sets and professional knowledge, the related tea-making device has a wide variety of utensils and is not easy to carry and obtain. Based on satisfying the user's tea-making experience
and achieving the purpose of promoting tea-drinking culture, this research focuses on the design and development of a tea-making device and conducts research in two stages. In the first stage, a questionnaire survey was conducted with users who have experience in making tea. Obtained 100 valid questionnaires to understand the user's expectations for
the existing tea-making de-vice mainly for the functional requirements such as portability and storage. Continuing this study, the design requirements for product performance improvement were supplemented by the TRIZ forty invention evaluation rules to evaluate design solutions that are more in line with this research topic, and related patent searches and analysis were conducted. In the second stage, based on the previous stage, a tea brewing and separating structure with improved functions, simple operation, and a tea set function for separating tea from tea leaves was proposed. Finally, based on the results of this research, an integrated tea making device product design is proposed with
this new patent structure.