Innovation Success Recipes Configuration to Apparel Industry: Evidence from Apparel Manufacturing Multinational Firms Operating in Ethiopia


  • Temesgen Getachew Atilaw Addis Ababa University
  • Daniel Kitaw Azene Addis Ababa University



The motivation of this study is how different innovation capability components can be configured to give high innovative performance in the context of apparel industry. Since, apparel industries need specific innovation capabilities due to time sensitive nature to ensure their sustainable competitiveness; innovative performance configuration is a hub to boost up their competitiveness. This study has considered 17 apparel manufacturing multinational firms operating in Ethiopia to configure the innovation capabilities of the industries. Through Principal Component Analysis (PCA) method, the study has obtained five factors and through fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA) the five factors configured towards best recipes that enable apparel firm’s innovation performance in ensuring their sustainable competitiveness. Finally, three alternative solutions were revealed that could bring high innovation performance in apparel industry. Improvisational and transactional capabilities found in all three alternative solutions. This  study finding contribute to the ongoing literature in a way that sustainable competitiveness schemes for apparel industries are needed to build innovation capabilities, whereas improvisational capability is essential to stabilize in the dynamic and ever changing global market.