Applying TRIZ Evolutionary Trends to the Innovative Product Design of Refrigerator


  • Wen-Chun Tsai Chung Yuan Christian University
  • Yu-Li Chen Institute of Science & Technology



TRIZ, Innovative Product Design, 37 Evolutionary Trends


Household refrigerators have become an important appliance product to family life. In recent years, the domestic brands, facing fierce price competition, are difficult to increase product sales. The refrigerator market is also approaching saturation. To grasp the needs of this consumer, it is necessary to improve and enhance the innovative functionality of the product. Therefore, this study adopts the TRIZ 37 parameter evolution trend tool proposed by D. Mann, and takes the international brand, i.e. Hitachi, Kolin, Panasonic, Sanlux Sanyo and Tatung as the research objects, and collects the function data of the refrigerator according to the main purchase motivation of the consumers. The four categories of "convenient", "space design", "temperature control" and "appearance" are used to map the classification results to the evolutionary trend radar map, to understand the current status and limits of functional evolution.

With the application of evolution of TRIZ's 37 parameters, the following contributions and conclusions are completed: (1) Understand the current status of the evolution of the refrigerator in terms of function, shown in the evolutionary trend radar chart. (2) The I25 degrees of freedom and I30 design methods have considerable potential for evolution in the evolution trend parameters. (3) In the study, it was found that users will adjust the use of refrigerator mode according to individual needs, and the emerging concept of refrigerator intelligentization.