A QFD-TRIZ Hybrid Method for a Hygiene Product


  • Amin Pedarpour Master student of Production and Operations Management Department of Information Technology Management Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
  • Farzad Haghighi-Rad Department of operations and Information Technology Management, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
  • Amir-Reza Abtahi Department of Operations and Information Technology Management




This study examined the use of QFD - TRIZ hybrid method in Inclusive design.  While redesigning the product, the requirements of the vulnerable groups are considered and applied to the design. The effect of this method has been investigated in redesigning adult diapers with a focus on maintaining the elderly dignity and minimizing the caregivers’ involvement in nursing process to maintain respect for the elderly. In this paper, the product needs were identified by interviewing older adults and their caregivers. Then, using the QFD method, the relationship between the needs of the elderly with their corresponding technical characteristics and the priority of these needs in the product was determined. The TRIZ contradiction matrix was used to identify engineering parameters in order to find ideas and create a new product concept design. Inclusive design assures the manufacturer that the product is highly flexible to be used in all consumer groups.