Process Mining: Basic Definitions and Concepts


  • zineb lamghari LRIT Associated Unit to CNRST (URAC 29), Faculty of Sciences, Rabat IT Center, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco



Business Process Improvement (BPI) paradigm can be implemented on recorded data of real process execution. This is done by analysing this information and come up with real insights to BP improvement. Even if such model is not available, the presence of a log of activities is very frequent. So, the key idea is that a log can exist even if no process model is present. The spread way of existing BPI methodologies put forward the complexity of their achievement the BP improvement goal. Moreover, they could be driven by many factors. Nonetheless, the common goal is to speed up generating an improved BP.

A recent trending improvement BP  method is process mining, compared with existing BPI methodologies, Process Mining had more computer capabilities to implement BP improvements results. However, there are several ambiguities in understanding their general context that must be defined. In this paper, we present basic definitions and notations related to process mining discipline.