Design leadership and SMEs Sustainability; Role of Frugal Innovation and Technology Turbulence


  • Ali Waqas Superior University
  • Hasliza Abdul Halim
  • Noor Hazlina Ahmad



Design Leadership, Frugal Innovation, Sustainability, Technology turbulence


 Climate change and poverty are among the emerging issues of economies around the globe. To resolve these issues, United Nations have introduced the SDGs and enforced organizations to adopt such business practices which are less harmful to society. Even the international organizations couldn’t implement the sustainability practices at a large scale and SMEs are more vulnerable.  Therefore, SMEs' stability regarding financials, employees’ social life, and pro-environmental practices are compromised (Álvarez Jaramillo, Zartha Sossa, Orozco Mendoza, and Environment 2019). Based on the literature review, this study has outlined the process which leads innovation through leadership. Thus, this study aims to analyze the relationship between design leadership and sustainability through the mediating role of frugal innovation. Further, this study has also investigated the moderation of technology turbulence between the relationship of design leadership and frugal innovation. The quantitative survey was gathered through simple random sampling from 383 employees of SMEs working in the Lahore and Sialkot region with the help of SMEDA (Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority). The data analysis was performed through SMART PLS 3. The results of this study reveal that there exists a positive significant relationship between design leadership and sustainability. Further, frugal innovation significantly mediates the relationship between design leadership and sustainability. Likewise, technology turbulence significantly moderates the relationship between design leadership and frugal innovation. This study also presents the implication and limitations along with the recommendation in a later section.