A Novel approach to augment technology roadmapping through systematic innovation intelligence: a case of UAV technologies


  • Koray Altun
  • Umid Babayev




Innovation intelligence, technology roadmapping, UAV technologies


Technology roadmapping has been employed for years as an important tool for technology and innovation management. The latest discussions in technology roadmapping are beyond the T-plan, the most popular roadmapping process that is based on a few workshops of experts. Developing data-driven approaches to modernize this roadmapping process is an active research direction. In parallel to these efforts, we explore a new unified approach in this study by integrating an innovation intelligence process into roadmapping. This systematic innovation intelligence process incorporates relevant patent and publication data, and its methodology is based on topic modeling and type-2 fuzzy sets. Through this unified approach, we provide an augmented technology roadmapping schema involving technology trendiness infographics. This study illustrates how this approach executes by providing a case of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies as well.



2023-09-25 — Updated on 2023-09-25