Factors of a Successful Information System Value Chain in the Public Sector


  • Nazeer Joseph University of Johannesburg
  • Cecil Koeberg




information system, value chain, nformation system attributes, critical success factors, financial management


With an increased focus towards sound financial management, public sector organizations invest extensively in the systems that direct decision-making activities. Information systems are often seen as the enablers of decision-making activities. To maintain sound financial management practices, public sector organizations rely on the information from the systems in operation for decision-making activities. Information systems, like value chains), efforts are to create value in the form of information through a series of activities. To support their decision-making activities, public sector organizations invest extensively in successful information system value chains. The sector relies on successful information system value chains for informed decisions. Conversant decisions are valuable, which supports efforts towards sound financial management practices. Consequently, significant resources are invested in the information system value chains in public sector organizations that serve as providers of the information that direct decision-making activities in a scenery that allow for sound financial management practices. This paper investigates the factors of successful information system value chains in the public sector. These factors consist of attributes and critical success factors that become the minimum requirement for the systems required to direct decision-making activities for public sector organizations. The study was undertaken as a case in a public sector organization. The results from the participating public sector organization serve as the input for the framework for the successful implementation and usage of information system value chains in the public sector. These findings confirm the factors that successful information systems value chain must be present. Therefore, serving as the benchmark for the systems in operation in public sector organizations.