Apply Business TRIZ to Improve Card Healing Service in New Age Movement


  • Ming-Sung Lin
  • Yu-Te Tu
  • Youn-Jan Lin



Business TRIZ, New Age Movement, Card healing, Innovation in service design


The New Age Movement has spread from the United States to Taiwan, it not only creates a “Spiritual Industry”, but also brings economic benefits to Taiwan. About this study, the data collection is from practice experience and the study method is Action Research and Business TRIZ, and we also use the concept to be a usual process of card healing. Because of the above problem, we applied Business TRIZ methods to provide 5 suggestions, including taking deep breaths prior to card shuffling, augmenting shuffling procedures and interaction time, inquiring about customers' psychological states and giving direction, engaging in meditative shuffling and concentration, as well as employing appealing visual aids for guidance, then, through the Multi-Criteria Decision Matrix method, the factors of effectiveness, cheapness, time saving and simple similarity are used for weighting and scoring, according to the expected implementation time, and finally two schemes that can be implemented in priority are selected.