A novel underwater packet scheduling based on modified priority backpressure and peak age of information approach


  • A Caroline Mary Research Scholar
  • A V Senthil Kumar
  • H R Chennamma




Active Priority, Backpressure, PeakAOI, Underwater


Objective: Efficient packet scheduling scheme for underwater communication networks using priority backpressure and AoI techniques.

Underwater communications have turned out to be common these days and generally

under water communication has issues like packet delay, loss etc. So effective scheduling

of packets is a must and real time data may be collected E.g., environmental monitoring, health care, vehicular Networks where packet loss or delay will not be acceptable. Limited bandwidth, energy consumption, packet loss etc. are the challenges in Underwater Communication.  In this paper, we consider time sensitive information. Age of Information matters especially in real time packets. Minimization of Age of Information metric has gained momentum in recent days. As value of information reduces after time, freshness of information is important. When a new packet arrives, old packet (status information) is dropped as it does not have any value. Factors like Age gain and Peak age are used. For scheduling of packets, modified Backpressure Algorithm is used as it helps to avoid congestion. Active Priority concept is applied based on TTL, delay and Threshold value obtained from Peak Age of Information. Simulation results of the proposed algorithm depicts that packet loss/delay and energy consumption are reduced and there is an increase in packet delivery ratio and throughput.