A Systematic review: disruptive innovation in non-branded retail markets


  • Joydeep Mookerjee
  • Subir Chattopadhyay
  • M Rajkumar




Covid-19, Retail Market, Unbranded Retails, Market Disruption, Disruptive Technology


Shopping patterns have drastically changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, prompting the rise of paying online, picking up in-store, or getting it delivered at home services. Several studies show that both online and physical distribution platforms will dominate the retail industry in the future. The retail industry fears the movement would be negatively impacted because of the covid spread reoccurrences followed by lockdowns. As a result, the malls and big shopping arenas are experiencing negative influences. On the other hand, branded retailers haven’t seen any impact yet due to e-commerce solutions, which have, on the contrary, driven up sales. Retailers are reconsidering their existing cash positions and attempting to decide how to keep the bills paid if the reoccurring lockdowns in demand continue for an extended period. Retailers should monitor their actual and expected liquidity profile and any adjustments in their working capital conditions or short-term cash estimates. While many retailers suffered in every stage of the Covid-19 crisis, more informed retailers realized this was an opportunity to improve their market position because sustainable and ethical concerns were about to become mainstream. The paper aims to present a systematic review and focus on the disruptions created by local retailers, mainly unbranded retailers.