Innovative design of stop mechanism and zinc stripping device integrating TRIZ tools


  • Sha Qiao
  • Wen-bo Qi
  • Shuo-shi Lu
  • Xin Guo
  • Xiao-bing Pei



TRIZ, Triaxial analysis, Zinc stripping Device, Functional model


In order to solve the engineering problems of zinc stripping machine in the process of stripping zinc plate, such as shaking cathode plate, frequent jamming and low success rate of stripping plate, this paper innovatively adopts the method of integrating TRIZ tools is adopted for problem solving. Based on the TRIZ analysis problem theory, the innovative fusion of the triaxial analysis tool and the functional model analysis module is used to establish a systematic process and model for analyzing the problem, so that the analysis tools can be linked to each other and the analysis results can be avoided in isolation, thus identifying the problem efficiently and accurately. Finally, a stopping mechanism and a zinc stripping device are proposed. The stopping mechanism realizes the fixation of aluminum plates, which not only solves the engineering problems of shaking cathode plates, frequent jamming and low success rate of stripping plates, but also realizes the purpose of operation automation and reduces the labor cost. The research results provide a reference for reducing the shaking frequency of cathode plate and improving the success rate of the stripping plate in the zinc stripping machine, and further provide the improvement direction and ideas for the existing workshop management.