Innovative Design of Customized Fashion Handbags


  • Chin Min Lin
  • Wang Yue Chi
  • Liu Ying Lin



Regardless of the times or backgrounds, nearly every woman who leaves her home has a handbag with her. Handbags are always indispensable, important, and intimate items for women, and handbags not only need to be practical, but are also features of fashion and functional beauty. However, due to the influence of the global recession, past fashion trends of “LOGO craze” have gradually declined. Now, smart consumers are willing to pay for “good products”. Thus, only quality products with unique appearances, excellent manufacturing quality, and intricate handiwork can demonstrate uniqueness and beauty of personality, in turn, attract consumers and gain their favor. Thus, this study first uses market surveys to understand the needs and expectations of consumers regarding customized handmade handbags, and then uses “TRIZ systematic innovation” to distinguish consumer market opportunities and seek resolutions to related problems. After following design procedures to design image drafts for innovation in the design styles, the materials are tested and calibrated to ensure that materials are well-made and conform to functional needs. Handmade test is conducted manufacturing and model modification to make the product intricate and perfect. Finally, customized handmade handbags are created to satisfy personalized needs, in hopes of creating new business opportunities for the creative design industry.

Author Biographies

Chin Min Lin

Department of Fashion Imaging, MingDao University, Taiwan

Department  Director

Wang Yue Chi

Department of Fashion Imaging, MingDao University, Taiwan

Liu Ying Lin

Department of Fashion Imaging, MingDao University, Taiwan