Three possible sources of inconsistency in an innovation ecosystem


  • Andras Hary
  • Csilla Toth
  • Beata Fehervolgyi
  • Zoltan Kovacs



innovation ecosystem, innovation, value creation, research centers


One of the success factors of an innovation ecosystem is the willingness of its actors to cooperate, which depends on number of factors. In the present analysis, the authors approach the topic from an operational management perspective and examine the actors of an ecosystem through the elements of a general service management framework model. The aim of the study is to identify potential points of inconsistency along the four groups of aspects as potential sources of barriers to collaboration. After literature review, the value system, the operational-business philosophy, the methods and the objectives of a research and technology center are analyzed. The presented approach can serve as a general method for identifying inconsistencies in innovation ecosystems. The current methodology is based on one-by-one analysis, further researches can extend the approach to a multi-player inconsistency evaluation tool.