Vol 2, No 3 (2013)

International Journal of Systematic Innovation

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Using the Multi-process Analysis Method to Study Innovation of Everyday Items: The Lei- sure Bicycle Abstract Full Paper
Kun H. Liao, Chen H. Yen, Fu Yu. Yang
The Application of Bionic Concept in Product Form Design Abstract Full Paper
Chen Ming-Shi, Lin Ming-Chyuan, Lin Jenn-Yang, Wu Yun-Yun
The SCAMPER of Increasing Value-A Checklist Tool of combining SCAMPER 7 break-through points and TRIZ Tools Abstract Full Paper
Youn-Jan Lin, Hsiao-Ling Chou
TRIZ-based Systematic Circumvention Method for Patent Clusters Abstract Full Paper
Dongliang Daniel Sheu, Zi-Huei Wang

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