Vol 4, No 3 (2017)

International Journal of Systematic Innovation

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Circumvention Analysis on a Taiwan Patent Infringement Case – Glass Gripper of Patents on Door Frame Structure Abstract Full Paper
Jyhjeng Deng, ChienHsun Huang, Yung-Chih Lai
The Application of Systematical Function Analysis in Shoulder-Type Electric Lawn-Mower Design Abstract Full Paper
Ming-Chyuan Lin, Yih-Hsien Lin, Yu-Ching Hung, Sze-Yong Ma
A Study on the Lean Startup Development: A case of 3D Ice Cream Machine Abstract Full Paper
Ting-Chun Yang, Li-Yuan Chen
Applying TRIZ Theory for Renewable Energy Design-A Case Study of Washing Machine Abstract Full Paper
Tien-Ting Chiu

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